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Our Service

Something Went To Wrong Preventative Maintanenace
Preventive maintenance of medical equipment can be helpful in improving the efficiency of medical devices, establishing a standardized management and plan, a classification of maintenance of medical devices, inspection tour of devices and operating condition of dynamic monitoring devices. It has benefit in prolonging the useful life of medical devices, reducing maintenance cost and improving management and service quality. In conjunction with the evaluation of equipment for inclusion in the Equipment Management Program, each classification of device is assigned a preventive maintenance inspection stra

Something Went To Wrong Equipment Repair
All repairs are prioritized and performed in a timely manner.  To assure the continuation of patient care in the event of equipment failure, backup devices are available for most critical devices (e.g. anesthesia units, physiologic monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps, etc.).  Backup devices may be located either within the using department, in Biomedical Engineering, or in Patient Equipment, depending on the criticality of reduction in downtime.  These backup devices are also available for use in expanding the facility’s capacity to provide patient care in the event of internal/e

Something Went To Wrong Electrical Saftey Inspection
Electrical Safety is also undertaken by us on contract basis. Electrical safety is very important in hospitals as patients may be undergoing a diagnostic or treatment procedure where the protective effect of dry skin is reduced. Also patients may be unattended, unconscious or anaesthetised and may not respond normally to an electric current. Further, electrically conductive solutions, such as blood and saline, are often present in patient treatment areas and may drip or spill on electrical equipment. Electric Current Leakage Current Extension Leads Double Adapters Protective Devices Resi

Something Went To Wrong Equipment calibration
What is calibration? Calibration is the activity of checking, by comparison with a standard, the accuracy of a measuring instrument of any type. It may also include adjustment of the instrument to bring it into alignment with the standard. Does calibration affect me? Yes: even the most precise measurement instrument is of no use if you cannot be sure that it is reading accurately – or, more realistically, that you know what the error of measurement is. How often should my instrument be calibrated? This depends on how important the measurements being made are to your product or service; the degree

Something Went To Wrong Supply
 Medical Equipments  Hospital Furniture  Spare parts  Consumables materials  Disposables products  Medical Gas Plants Supply - Medical Equipments We .offers state-of-the-art high quality products at competitive prices, paying attention to all specific clinical, environmental and technical constraints of its customers, aiming at the best solution for the different healthcare realities. We covers the whole range of equipments that a hospital may need: from low to top technologies, Supply - Hospital Furniture Our offers can spread from small private clinics to grea

Something Went To Wrong After sales service
 Our ctivities continue after the start-up of its new Projects, in its vision of proposing itself as a longlasting partner for Healthcare facilities.  We .guarantees one-year warranty on all the supplied equipments, with the presence of resident technical staff and can also provide – on request – a complete Clinical Engineering Service, including : o Corrective maintenance o Preventive maintenance o Electrical security tests o Functional Testing / Acceptance of new items o Training on First Intervention o Purchase of spare parts / consumables o Informatic management of equipment I

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