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Preventative Maintanenace

Preventive maintenance of medical equipment can be helpful in

  • improving the efficiency of medical devices,
  • establishing a standardized management and plan,
  • a classification of maintenance of medical devices, inspection tour of devices and operating condition of dynamic monitoring devices.
  • It has benefit in prolonging the useful life of medical devices, reducing maintenance cost and improving management and service quality.

In conjunction with the evaluation of equipment for inclusion in the Equipment Management Program, each classification of device is assigned a preventive maintenance inspection strategy and schedule.  The preventive maintenance inspections for most equipment included in the Equipment Management Program are interval-based, however some are meter-based.  The frequency for interval-based preventive maintenance inspections is determined based upon manufacturer recommendations, risk levels, and past organizational experience.  Preventive maintenance work orders are generated on a monthly basis, with expectations that the work orders be completed in a timely manner.  Additional preventive maintenance work orders may be generated for those devices that have missed their previous preventive maintenance inspections (e.g. device could not be located, device was in use, etc.), or that came due for preventive maintenance off-cycle (e.g. meter-based  inspections).


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